By Angela Epstein journalist, broadcaster and social commentator.

Is it really so terrible, as a mother of four who breast fed her own children, to dare come out and say that I don`t like seeing women being indiscreet when they nurse their children in public?

Apparently so. For after writing about this in my latest piece for the Daily Mail…

the tweeting breastapo have been after me in force – as well as screeching at anyone who dares to agree with me.

Yes, breastfeeding is wonderful if you can do it. And yes, it`s awful to be out with a howling baby who wants its elevenses NOW. But that doesn`t mean you have to abandon all consideration for those around you.

The problem  is that   because `breast is best` and natural, any woman  who expresses concern about those who do  it any way and at any time,  is bullied and belittled.

Is this what the so-called solidarity and sisterhood amongst women is really about?

As a woman who enjoyed breastfeeding her children, I am still entitled to say that nursing mothers need to be sensitive and discreet. It`s not a criminal offence to have an opinion . Nor do I need to change my twitter handle to Angela Epstein, journalist, broadcaster, social commentator and former breastfeeding mother.

So quit the bullying, sisters – because giving breastfeeding a militant voice isn`t going to help anyone in this debate.