Casual Sexism – the non-feminist view

Why do feminists have to get so hysterical when debating casual sexism ?
It`s one of those delicious ironies of modern feminism. The more they fight to prove their point, the more they sound like the kind of old shrew Les Dawson used as target practice during his mother-in-law bashing routines.
Only today, on BBC Radio Five Live, comedian and feminist activist Kate Smurthwaite completely lost her rag when trying to make her points during a debate about casual sexism.
Do listen to the link (debate starts from 11.38 mins in).
It`s this kind of hand wringing hysteria which only consolidates my position as a non feminist. (Nicky Campbell introduced me as Angela Epstein journalist and non-feminist at the beginning of the debate).
Interestingly enough, listeners who called the programme, were equally scathing about the humourless fight-spoiling that passes for so-called debate about casual sexism.
No one wants to see women commodified or become victims of sexual objectification. But let’s get some perspective and not allow grumpy women in bad clothes (with a sense of humour bypass) dictate what constitutes casual sexism. I mean, really, is it so offensive if a man opens a door for a woman or pays her a compliment when she arrives at the office with a new hair style?
And can there be anything more depressing than being greeted by deafening silence when a woman walks past a building site
 I embrace my femininity – something, which, as one caller said today, is something that today’s feminists seem to lack.
Let me know your thoughts….
From wolf-whistle appreciating Angela Epstein non feminist journalist


  1. Yes I confess Angela, I absolutely lost my rag when people in the debate tried to suggest I should “laugh off” the barrage of rape and death threats I receive. I don’t care if people think I’m humourless and angry and embittered. As a matter of fact I have won awards for my comedy shows so I’m not lacking in a sense of humour. But getting messages every week describing how people are going to tear the flesh off my bones and gang rape meis something I shouldn’t have to put up with. Is it too much to ask that you stand with me in that fight rather than fussing about whether my behaviour is ladylike?

    • Angela Epstein on said:

      Kate, I would always standby you when it comes to fighting against any threat of violence or obvious and deliberate sexual objectification. But in a civilised society, it is the responsibility of everyone (men and women) to support such a response.

      I know we`re all only human and that sometimes emotions get the better of us. But in a public forum and in the realms of professional debate, hysteria in any form is not only non-productive, it can also be a real turn off. For it simply consolidates the view that women (and that`s all of us) are incapable of considered response without recourse to some kind of hormonal meltdown. Wish you all the best, Angela

  2. Oh! What a blessed relief to hear a woman such as yourself Angela, talk such sense. ‘But in a civilised society, it is the responsibility of everyone (men and women) to support such a response.’ What is right for Women should also be right for Men and should be defended by us all.

    Talking of which let’s all start talking about absolute equality between the sexes in regards to the law. The cry should be ‘Human Rights’ not Men’s rights or women’s rights. There should be no bias in terms of the law with regard to equality and yet Feminisim has chipped away at the rights of Men to the extent that courts favour the mother, in rape cases the court gives anonimity to the accuser (for obvious reasons predominatly women) but not the man, in rape cases where the man is found not guilty the female accusers are virtually never prosecuted for perjury, the fact that 40% or more of partner abuse is carried out by woman against men is ignored by the media, women only lists for political party canditure etc etc

    Discrimination against anyone on the grounds of race, sex or sexual orientation is wrong unfortunately society, in the form of the Law and Media is over compensating for the past and is now actively discriminating against Men.

    • Angela Epstein on said:

      Thank you Gavin for your kind words and considered response. One day, the modern feminists who pedal political correctness like a hair shirt (along side those who decry human rights over the slightest misdemeanour) will cry wolf once to often. And we`ll all suffer for it.

  3. laura bristol on said:

    I think you are amazing and I am so very glad to have heard your voice and opinion, something the world needs soooo much more of than it even suspects. Please do keep up your great work, I am not sure we can do without at these dark times of feminist sexism.

    • Angela Epstein on said:

      Thanks Laura. It`s so important to make a distinction between genuine harassment/sexism and the kind of silly political correctness so many modern feminists indulge in. One day they`ll cry wolf too often – to the detriment of all of us.

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