What utter naval-gazing hokum to hear suggestions of pupils being taught `well-being lessons` in school -. a subject I was debating today on Good Morning Britain on ITV
http://www.itv.com/news/story/2014-05-14/children-neglected-wellbeing-academics (Very kind of ITV to refer to me as Angela Epstein journalist and leading columnist)

How ridiculous to hijack valuable hours of the school timetable and fill it with this liberal nonsense, when standards of numeracy and literacy in this country are so poor.

We need to make sure our children emerge from school competent and capable in the key academic subjects. As for being well-rounded human beings, isn`t that a by product of being taught well and mixing happily in the school community?

Surely they can get all the well-being lessons they need simply by being children and by interacting with other children. Through sport, drama, imaginative play and all the other things that children do during the school day.

It is a dereliction of our education system to fill the curriculum with this kind of fluff.  Well-being lessons play no part in the school day

Shame  on which ever PC-blinded do-gooders thought wellbeing lessons were a smart idea. Sounds like they`re the ones who need to go back to school.

By Angela Epstein journalist, columnist and broadcaster