Very much enjoyed exploring the world of the cankle for the Daily Mail. This, for the uninitiated,  is the fairly unkind term given to those whose ankles and calves fuse together in one unapologetic, splodgy lump.

Now I know this isn`t the kind of thing which is going to help resolve global conflict. As one correspondent wrote underneath my piece after reading the online version – `meanwhile, back in Ukraine..`

But, just because the world is heaving with political instability and the intractable issues of war, climate change, recession, does that mean we have to feel bad about putting our bodies in order too?

I pride myself on being Angela Epstein, journalist, broadcaster and social commentator. Equally, I`m also happy to declare myself Angela Epstein, cankle sufferer.

As women, we shouldn`t beat ourselves up about indulging in the trivial – it doesn`t mean we don`t have space in our lives to be serious too.

So, here`s my link to the piece in the Daily Mail

Do let me know what you think.


Angela Epstein, journalist, broadcaster and social commentator