The Mobile Media Clinic

Media coverage is powerful, effective .. And free.

So how can you make it work for you?

Together with John Jeffay, a highly experienced journalist and founder of news agency, Cascade News, Angela has established the Mobile Media Clinic – a bespoke consultancy service which can address your specific media needs.

And because we`re mobile, it means we come to you, so you don`t waste time taking staff away from the office. 

Think Like A Journalist

This course is specifically aimed at PR professionals who want to get coverage for their clients.

Each day, journalists are bombarded with emails and press releases from PRs . A great deal of these are dismissed… that is, if they get read at all.

Unlike other media consultancy services, we`re working journalists rather than ex-journalists. So we’re still at the sharp end when it comes to understanding what news and feature desks want. And we know that the best way to get the most from journalists is to think like journalists – in terms of the stories you offer, the approach you make and the way you manage your working relationship.

During this course we:

  • Set you the news desk challenge: Which press releases would YOU print? And which would YOU spike?

Then we show you how to..

  • write press releases
  • pitch ideas to journalists
  • keep a tight focus to your message
  • recognise a good story then put it together
  • rework past stories you haven’t been able to place
  • respond to media requests

Talking To The Press 

This lively, interactive course shows you how to maximise media opportunities, fire fight in hostile situations, give a smooth and confident response to even the most unexpected enquiry and generally feel ready to react to any kind of media interest should the press come to call.

We`ll show you::

  • How to effectively manage media interest in your company,
  • Perfect interview techniques,
  • Source potential stories within your company
  • Make editorial opportunities in print and broadcasting work for you

For further information about courses, prices, and arranging sessions to suit your needs, please email