• 17/02/2014

    Feminism or non-feminism: sisters or rivals?

    The other day, someone asked me why, on my twitter feed, I`ve described myself as, amongst other things, Angela Epstein, Manchester based journalist, broadcaster and non-feminist. Can a woman really be supportive of non-feminism? But think about it. Women. Are we a help or hindrance to our sisters? Well,...

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  • 09/02/2014

    The Power of the Pretty Face

    I love Mary Beard – smart, witty, considered, and in person, as I discovered when we took part in a Newsnight  debate together, extremely charming. She also handled her lamentable  trolling experience  with great dignity. But her dismissal  of Kate Middleton and Nigella Lawson as women imprisoned...

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  • 07/02/2014

    Rise of non feminist

    As Angela Epstein journalist, broadcaster and commentator, I`m often invited to take part in debates on the BBC and ITV about women, equality and feminism. And while I do believe in equality, I don`t hold any truck with feminism in its modern day form. You could call me non-feminist (as opposed to anti-feminist)....

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