The other day, someone asked me why, on my twitter feed, I`ve described myself as, amongst other things, Angela Epstein, Manchester based journalist, broadcaster and non-feminist. Can a woman really be supportive of non-feminism?

But think about it. Women. Are we a help or hindrance to our sisters? Well, if those peddling the equality messages are anything to go by, then we`re all in this together. A group of nurturing, caring, inter-dependent females who do what we can to help each other rub along in this brutal, unforgivably male world.
 Truth is that women can be the greatest impediment to female advancement, pulling up the draw bridge behind them as they make their way in professional life.
It`s something I`ve always felt, which is why I label myself a non-feminist. A supporter of non-feminism. And I`m glad to hear such a view has been endorsed by veteran agony aunt Irma Kurtz, as quoted in today`s Daily Mail
That`s not to say I haven`t worked with some wonderful women.
The truth is that many successful women are deeply competitive and by nature suspicious of other women who want to aim high.
And that`s the troubling axis of the modern feminism versus non-feminism position. How can the sisterhood shout so loudly for equality when at the same time see their fellow women as rivals
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