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Kind Words

Know and trusted throughout the industry.
Julia Mitchell, MDToast PR

We had an incredibly insightful session with Angela as a PR agency. She shared her knowledge of 25 years in journalism, teaching us just how the Press thinks and works and most importantly, how as PRs, we can hone our writing skills to land bigger and better coverage.
It also helped that she’s incredibly witty and funny. A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding session with pointers we’ll take away and put into practice immediately.

Laura Pepper, Content Marketing ManagerProdo Digital

Angela came in to talk to our content team about how we can create and position our campaigns with a view to getting more national media coverage for our clients. She delivered a dynamic and interesting workshop about how we can craft an interesting story, along with advice on how to communicate that story to journalists and press. The whole team agreed that it was packed with useful take-aways that we can implement straight away to improve our efforts. A highly recommended and fun two hours, thanks Angela!

Rob Weatherhead, Operations DirectorTecMark

Angela provided us with valuable insight into the world of journalism. How they work, how they want to be approached, and ultimately how we could be more effective in our PR and outreach efforts. She provided real life examples of the do’s and do not’s which provided the team with tips and techniques we could apply to our own work.

Paul Longmire, Marketing ManagerGorvins Solicitors

The media training Angela provided Gorvins was first rate. The enthusiasm, professionalism and above all fun she brought to the training really engaged the legal teams and made us sit up and think about the way we sent our press releases out to engage with our audience. Angela took the time to understand our business, our people and our objectives; she gave real world advice and since the training we have had some great success in getting Gorvins noticed amongst journalists. I would recommend the training to anyone looking to take that next step in promoting their business.

Pete Davies, DirectorRMS PR

Many people who offer media training to PR agencies and clients are people who used to work in the media. As an active, prominent national newspaper and broadcast journalist, Angela is a markedly better than any other media training professionals we’ve ever worked with. The fact she regularly appears on national television and writes columns for the UK’s biggest newspapers reassures our clients that she doesn’t just talk the talk – she actually walks the walk on a daily basis in her profession.